State Affairs Briefing: Legislation Review

A Review of 2022's Water-related Legislation in Colorado River District looks back at State Legislative highlights, prepares for Interim Committee hearings this summer  Colorado River District staff maintains a regular presence at the state capitol each legislative session to ensure that Western Colorado’s water users and environmental needs are represented under the “golden dome."

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Federal Affairs Briefing: National Attention on CO River

Federal Affairs Briefing: National Focus on the Colorado River Basin Senate Agriculture Committee Turns its Attention to the Colorado River, Western Drought Conditions   On June 7th, River District General Manager, Andy Mueller, testified before the Senate Agriculture Committee in a hearing titled “The Western Water Crisis: Confronting Persistent Drought and Building Resilience on Our

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Imbalances in the Colorado River Basin

Imbalances in the Colorado River Basin continue to grow Looming shortages in the Colorado River Basin were the central focus of the Board’s afternoon agenda on Tuesday,  July 19th.   During the four-hour-long agenda item, River District Directors heard from Andy Mueller, General Manager of the Colorado River District; Kevin Rein; State Water Engineer; Chuck

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Low Streamflow Impacts West Slope Water Storage, Fish, and Economy

Monsoons aid in soil moisture; not enough to impact basin-wide drought conditions Don Meyer, Sr. Water Resource Specialist, and Dave “DK” Kanzer, Director of Science and Interstate Matters, gave a thorough hydrological report to the Board on July 20th. Their report focused on the current, productive monsoon cycle, storage in local reservoirs, and the

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State of the River Success

In-person State of the River Meetings welcomed nearly 1,000 local residents Spring of 2022 brought the Colorado River District back to our communities with the return of an in-person State of the River event series. This was the District’s most States of the Rivers events to date, with 11 meetings held across the District’s

Community Funding Partnership Continues to Build Solutions

Two New Community Funding Partnership Projects Approved Unique "Accelerator Grant" designed to help West Slope water users leverage federal funding made available through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. On Wednesday, the Board of Directors heard from Amy Moyer, Director of Strategic Partnerships. Her report on the accomplishments of the Community Funding Partnership continues to be

Board Of Directors To Hear Reports on Drought, Powell, and Water Projects

Water Supply Challenges Continue in Colorado River Basin “Although water year 2022 is much better than last year, that is not saying much.” -Andy Mueller, General Manager On July 19 and 20, 2022, the Colorado River District Board of Directors will meet in Glenwood Springs for the Third Quarterly General and Enterprise meeting of

2022 Second Quarterly Board Newsletter

2022 Second Quarterly Board Newsletter Topics Include: Colorado River Basin Water Supply Conditions – Below Normal…Again Seven New Community Funding Partnership Projects Approved CWCB Puts a "Hard Pause" on Demand Management Federal Affairs Briefing: SCOTUS takes up WOTUS State Affairs Briefing: Legislation Session Roundup River District Staff Updates Save the Date for our Annual

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2022 First Quarterly Board Newsletter

2022 First Quarterly Board Newsletter Topics Include: 'Weather Whiplash' Kicks Off 2022 Water Projects Make Big Impacts in River District New Messaging For The Next Era In Water Federal Affairs Briefing: Infrastructure Funding and Western Water Staff Service Anniversaries with the River District Read Newsletter

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2021 Fourth Quarterly Board Newsletter

2021 Fourth Quarterly Board Newsletter Topics Include: Community Funding Partnership Nears $3 Million in Awards, Board Approves Additional Support A Bleak Water Year, “Everywhere is Hurting” Wild & Scenic Process Moves Forward for Deep Creek Federal Affairs Briefing: Congressional Redistricting, WOTUS, and More Demand Management Conceptual Framework Elicits Ask for Continued Critique Read Newsletter

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