Federal Affairs Briefing 2023

The River District Goes to Washington National water conversations heat up On the second day of the First Quarterly General & Enterprise meeting of 2023, Colorado River District Director of Government Relations Zane Kessler gave an update on staff efforts at the federal level. In the days after the board meeting, Kessler stated, he

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State Affairs Briefing: First Quarter 2023

State Affairs Briefing: New Legislators and a Shift in Leadership The Colorado General Assembly opened the 1st Regular Session of the 74th General Assembly on Monday, January 9, 2023. From a partisan perspective, the 2023 legislative session will be the most left-leaning session in Colorado history. Democrats expanded their existing majorities in both chambers

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The River District’s Role in System Conservation Pilot Project

River District Steps in on System Conservation Program In December 2022, the Upper Colorado River Commission (UCRC) officially opened a request for proposals (RFP) for a $125 million, Bureau of Reclamation-funded System Conservation Pilot Program (SCPP) to commence in early 2023. The program aims to pay water users to leave their water in the

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Water Administration in the White River Basin

White River Sees Second Call in History Day two of the First Quarterly General & Enterprise meeting of 2023 began with a guest presentation from Erin Light, Division 6 Engineer, who joined the Board virtually to discuss water administration and updates from the Yampa/White/Green River Basin. Light focused mostly on the White River Basin,

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A New Year for the Community Funding Partnership

Community Funding Partnership Enters Third Year During the First Quarterly General & Enterprise meeting of 2023, the Colorado River District Board of Directors kicked off the new year by approving $466,727 in Community Funding Partnership project grants to four projects across the West Slope. These awards (detailed below) add to the $3.2 million awarded

All that the Snow Promises

All the the Snow Promises... Although water year 2023 is off to a relatively good start, it’s too early to make solid projections for water managers and users. Snapshot data of current conditions indicate that the snowpack across the Upper Colorado River Headwaters is 133% of average, which is almost identical to the conditions

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Board of Directors Meets for First Quarterly Meeting of 2023

Board of Directors First Quarterly Meeting of 2023 Next Tuesday, January 17 and Wednesday, January 18, the Colorado River District Board of Directors will hold their first quarterly Board Meeting of 2023 at the River District office in Glenwood Springs. Members of the public may sign up to view the live stream HERE. A

Upper Gunnison River Restoration and Irrigation Improvement Project

Community Funding Partnership Voices Upper Gunnison River Restoration and Irrigation Improvement Project on the Outcalt/Tomichi Ditch  “My family’s been ranching here for five generations on my mom’s side and four generations on my dad’s side,” says Burt Guerrieri of Mill Creek Ranch. “In fact, my dad started diverting water out of this ditch when

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Colorado River Stakes, Negotiations Heat Up

The River, Still in Crisis Colorado River District staff and board continue to stay on top of interstate and federal communications since Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Camille Touton’s call for 2-to-4-million-acre feet (maf) of annual conservation in the Colorado River Basin earlier this year. A system so out of balance requires great and meaningful

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Adult Zebra Mussels Found in Western Colorado

Adult Zebra Mussel Found in Western Colorado Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has confirmed the presence of an extremely invasive zebra mussel in Highline Lake at Highline Lake State Park in Loma, CO. This is the first time an adult zebra mussel has ever been found in Colorado waters.    CPW found a single adult zebra

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