The River District was created by the Colorado Legislature in 1937 to provide legal, technical (engineering), and political protection for the Colorado River and its principal tributaries within Colorado. The River District, located in Glenwood Springs, operates with a staff of 22, including staff assigned to the operations of Wolford Mountain Reservoir Project near Kremmling, Colorado.

All email addresses are the first initial of the first name followed by last name

Lyzzi Borkenhagen

Administrative Assistant
970.945.8522 ext. 1221


Hunter Causey

Director of Asset Management/Chief Engineer
970.945.8522 ext. 1213

Kem Davidson

Project Caretaker


Laurie DePaolo

Executive Assistant
970.945.8522 ext. 1214

Jack DeSanti

Jack DeSanti

Project Caretaker

Michael Eytel

Sr. Water Resources Specialist
970.945.8522 ext. 1215


Peter Fleming

General Counsel
970.945.8522 ext. 1216

Raquel Flinker

Sr. Water Resources Engineer/Project Manager
970.945.8522 ext. 1237


Alesha Frederick

Director of Information & Outreach
970.945.8522 ext. 1210

Eleanor Hasenbeck

Eleanor Hasenbeck 

Water Policy and Communications Fellow 
970.945.8522 ext. 1243

Dave Kanzer

Dave Kanzer 

Director of Science and Interstate Matters
970.945.8522 ext. 1224

Zane Kessler

Zane Kessler 

Director of Government Relations
970.945.8522 ext. 1240

Brendon Langenhuizen

Director of Technical Advocacy
970.945.8522 ext 1245


Don Meyer

Sr. Water Resources Engineer
970.945.8522 ext. 1217

Amy Moyer

Director of Strategic Partnerships
970.945.8522 ext. 1236

Andy Mueller

General Manager
970.945.8522 ext. 1242


Lorra Nichols

970.945.8522 ext. 1222


Ian Philips

Chief Accountant
970.945.8522 ext. 1235


Audrey Turner

Chief of Operations
970.945.8522 ext. 1228


Jason Turner

Senior Counsel
970.945.8522 ext. 1227

Luci Wilson

Luci Wilson

970.945.8522 ext. 1218

Gracie Wright

Gracie Wright

Contract Administrator
970.945.8522 ext. 1244

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