Hydrology Update July 2023

Hydrological Bounty Before a Dry Summer Just when you think you know what to expect, the opposite occurs. With Water Year 2023 almost complete, the surprises keep coming. Instead of hot, dry and dusty conditions associated with the early days of summer, rain, hail, snow, reservoir spills, and above average river flows continued with

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State of the River 2023 Recap

State of the River 2023 Recap: "We're Here, We're Listening." The 2023 State of the River season wrapped up on June 1 with a final event in partnership with Eagle River Water & Sanitation District. The Colorado River District's spring State of the River meetings are one of the primary ways for staff at

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West Slope Water Tour with the Central Arizona Project

Central Arizona Project Tours West Slope From June 26 to the 29, the Colorado River District hosted eight board and four staff members from the Central Arizona Project (CAP) for a four-day tour of Colorado's Western Slope. A 336-mile water delivery system serving nearly 6 million people in the Maricopa, Pinal, and Pima counties

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Risk Study Phase IV

Risk Study Reaches Phase IV The original Colorado River Risk Study (“Risk Study”) was initiated almost ten years ago as an outgrowth of previous ‘Colorado River Compact Water Bank’ efforts. Beginning with Phase I in 2016, the project aimed to better understand risks of potential, involuntary curtailment for Colorado and the other Upper Basin states

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Colorado River Drought Task Force Guiding Principles

Colorado River District Guiding Principles for 2023 Drought Task Force Participation In preparation for participation in the Drought Task Force, the Colorado River District’s Board of Directions finalized its guiding principles for the District’s representative during their Third Quarterly Meeting on July 19, 2023. Comprised of 17 voting members representing water users on both

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July Board Meeting to Discuss Funding, Hydrology, Risk Study

Board Of Directors To Discuss Funding, Hydrology, Risk Study and Colorado River Issues. On July 18-19, the Colorado River District Board of Directors will meet in Glenwood Springs for the Third Quarterly General and Enterprise meeting of 2023. Staff will present updates on projects and priorities with some action items requested from the Board.

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