The Western Slope depends on Agriculture

Almost every crop grown in the desert climate of Western Colorado relies on irrigation water drawn from our rivers and streams to generate productive farmland.

Agriculture is the largest West Slope user of water from the Colorado River and its tributaries, with over 90 percent of the Western Slope’s water diversions managed for food and fiber crops such as wheat, corn, hay, vegetables and fruits, as well as for cattle and sheep.

Agricultural fields also provide valuable habitat for wildlife.


Agricultural Water Use

The Colorado River District supports and promotes Western Colorado agriculture and will partner with agricultural interests to ensure a vibrant agriculture sector in Western Colorado.

The Colorado River District supports and will remain involved in statewide efforts to better determine Colorado`s current use and remaining development potential of its Colorado River compact entitlement.

Prior Appropriations

The Colorado River District supports Colorado’s system of prior appropriation as a fair and orderly system for allocating Colorado’s scarce water resources.

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