Thank you to everyone who joined Water Education Colorado and the Colorado River District on April 11 !

Every year, mid-April means peak snowpack for the Rocky Mountains. But what does that mean for the rivers? And why have recent forecasts consistently overestimated the snow-to-flow connection?

On Thursday, April 11 from noon to 1:15, tune in for some Water With Your Lunch and dive into the SWE of things (that’s Snow Water Equivalent). Guest speakers from the Colorado River District, the Aspen Global Change Institute, the CSU Climate Center, and NOAA’s Colorado Basin River Forecast Center will break down our current snowpack conditions, look at upcoming expectations for runoff, and examine how recent climate trends are affecting the way we predict water availability in the West.

We’ll begin to understand what’s causing the gap between big winter snows and low summer flows — when reality doesn’t line up with the forecast.

Hosted in partnership with Water Education Colorado and the Colorado River District, this installment of Water With Your Lunch is a great opportunity to join the conversation about water in our state.


Technical Staff –  Colorado River District

Paul Miller – Service Coordination Hydrologist, Colorado Basin River Forecast Center

Peter Goble – Climatologist, Colorado State University Climate Center

Elise Osenga – Community Science Manager, Aspen Global Change Institute