The Colorado River District is currently accepting proposals for the preparation of a Supplemental Watershed Plan for the Lower Gunnison Project Area. All requests are due no later than the close of business on April 2, 2020.  Click here for more details.  Below are questions that have been asked and answered regarding this proposal. 

  1. How large are the project areas?  There are three principal project areas as previously described, each one is anticipated to have approximately 50-100 acres of ‘disturbance’, this estimate will be better defined during formal scoping. The associated uncertainty will be narrowed and better defined before the final scope of work is negotiated and associated contracts are executed. 
  2.  What is the total estimated land disturbance for the associated cultural and biological surveys?  There should be less than 300 acres in total. This project would be implemented in phases not to exceed our maximum areal estimates.
  3. Would the USDA be coordinating tribal consultations?  Although there are no tribal interests directly impacted by these proposed projects; there are required consultations that must occur under the guidance of USDA-NRCS. The administrative record will reflect this consultation process. There is a requirement to send a letter of notice and extend the comment or waiting period which would be done in conjunction with the agency. The administrative record will reflect this consultation process. 


Why the Lower Gunnison Project?

Map of Lower Gunnison Project Areas


By modernizing irrigation water conveyance and delivery systems, agricultural water users will minimize losses, stretch water supplies and increase efficiencies. When combined with enhanced reservoir operations, the Lower Gunnison Project will increase agricultural production, enhance streamflows and increase water quality by reducing salinity and selenium concentrations, thus improving river habitat and soil health.




Project Fact Sheet
Regional Conservation Partnership Program Award Press Release
National Resources Conservation Service Regional Conservation Partnership Program (NRCS RCPP) Prime Award
  (40 MB file) 

Seminar Presentation, Dave Kanzer, Deputy Chief Engineer, Colorado River District


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