2023 State of the River Meetings Have Ended!

The Colorado River District looks forward to seeing you for spring 2024.
And join us this fall, September 22, for our Annual Water Seminar!

Completed Events


State of the River events are hosted each year as an opportunity for our constituents (you) to learn more about West Slope water, the outlook for our rivers, and how the Colorado River District is working to protect our most precious resource.

The Colorado River District works with local partners to bring these events to each river basin across our 15-counties. Each program features experts presenting on current hydrology, how much water we can expect to see in local rivers, ditches, and reservoirs, and up-to-date information about regional, statewide, and local water issues impacting your community.

We all have a vested interest in water, so whether you’re an irrigator, angler, boater, skier, water, or energy provider, be sure to join a State of the River event near you!

State of the River events are free, open to the public, and include dinner. Registration is recommended to secure your spot as seating and food may be limited.

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