Colorado River District Board Moves to Oppose Proposition HH

Thursday, September 28, 2023 

Glenwood Springs, Colorado — The Colorado River District’s Board of Directors is opposing Proposition HH, Property Tax Changes and Revenue Change Measures, which will appear on the November 7 statewide election ballot. Proposition HH was referred to Colorado voters by the State Legislature following the passage of SB23-303. The River District Board also opposed SB23-303 during the state legislative session.

At a special meeting held on September 21, 2023, the Board of Directors, which represents 15 western Colorado counties, voted unanimously to adopt a resolution opposing Proposition HH.

In their resolution, the River District’s Board specifically highlighted their concerns that “Proposition HH will undermine the short- and long-range planning efforts of the Colorado River District, and local governments and special districts within the Colorado River District’s jurisdictional boundaries.”

If approved by voters this fall, Proposition HH will mandate reductions in local property taxes through at least 2032 resulting in billions of dollars of lost revenue for special districts and local governments without any reduction in service obligations. Proposition HH would also increase the State’s TABOR spending limit, allowing the State to spend billions of dollars more than it did before, while placing a property tax revenue limit lower than allowed by TABOR on certain local governments and special districts.

The Board’s resolution concluded that “Proposition HH diminishes the ability of local governments and special districts within the River District’s jurisdictional boundaries to provide the vital services and infrastructure that the public needs, expects, and demands.”

The full River District Board resolution in opposition to Proposition HH can be found here.


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