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Upcoming Webinar

Webinar to provide an overview of legislation and funding impacting West Slope water users

Join the Colorado River District for a lunch hour webinar focusing on water policy and funding developments that affect West Slope water users.

West Slope legislators and policy experts will join Colorado River District staff to provide updates on water legislation and funding efforts, including the potential impact of state and federal stimulus dollars on West Slope water projects.

Tune in to the webinar from noon to 1:15 p.m. Wednesday, April 14. The webinar is free. Registration is required and can be completed here: bit.ly/WWLcapitol. If you are unable to attend the webinar live, register to receive a recording of the event in your email inbox.

Sen. Kerry Donovan and Rep. Dylan Roberts will open with an overview of water policy priorities for the current legislative session. Donovan is the chair of the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, and Roberts is the past Chair and a current member of the House Agriculture, Livestock and Water Committee.

Sen. Bob Rankin, a member of the Joint Budget Committee, will provide an overview of budget discussions and funding decisions that impact West Slope water supplies. Rankin will be joined by Gayle Berry, a budget expert and former state representative from Grand Junction. During her time as a legislator, Berry also served on the Joint Budget Committee.

Amy Moyer, Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Colorado River District, will present on the state of funding for West Slope water projects and how River District funding can be leveraged to attract state and federal investments in Western Colorado’s water projects.

“The Colorado River District advocates for West Slope water users in Denver and D.C. This webinar will be a good way to hear about policies and funding decisions that impact our water supply, directly from the legislators making those decisions,” said Zane Kessler, director of government relations for the Colorado River District.