Learn How Water Policy Impacts West Slope Water Use At The Colorado River District’s “Water With Your Lunch” Webinar

“Water Policy and You” will explore recent federal and state policy changes that impact West Slope water users. 

Glenwood Springs, CO — Join the Colorado River District for a lunch hour Zoom webinar discussing Western water policy and its impacts on residents of Western Colorado. Experts will present the latest developments in water policy at both the state and federal level

Tune in to the webinar from noon to 1:15 p.m. Tuesday, June 30. Members of the public are welcome to join in the conversation and will have the opportunity to submit questions to guide the discussion by emailing edinfo@crwcd.org. This webinar is the second in the Colorado River District’s lunchtime webinar series “Water With Your Lunch.”

Reps. Marc Catlin and Dylan Roberts will open the webinar with a brief welcome. Then, Colorado River District Director of Government Relations Zane Kessler and former Colorado House Representative and state legislature expert Gayle Berry will provide an overview of Colorado’s 2020 legislative session. In the wild legislative session that was, legislators passed bills affecting instream flows, agricultural water and, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, funding for the Colorado Water Plan and state water agencies. Staff members from Natural Resource Results, a Washington DC-based government affairs firm, will also present an update on emerging federal water policy priorities, including funding to improve the nation’s water infrastructure.

“We’re advocating to protect West Slope water in both Denver and Washington D.C.,” said Kessler. “The state legislature just wrapped up its 2020 session, which means it’s a good time to update West Slope water users on policy changes they need to be aware of, both at the state and federal level.”

The webinar will mark the second event in the Colorado River District’s lunchtime webinar series, “Water With Your Lunch.” Find a recording of the first webinar about challenges and opportunities for collaboration in West Slope water Here