Fish and Wildlife

Water is key for our beautiful Western Colorado natural environment. Proper water management of streams, rivers, and reservoirs can create and support habitats for native flora and fauna.

Riparian areas such as rivers, riverbanks, reservoirs, and wetlands provide habitat, water, and food sources for 90% of the fish and wildlife on the Western Slope. This is made possible by legally protected instream flow water rights.

Whether it be agricultural fields or mountain wildflowers, Western Colorado’s scenery is enhanced by natural flows and irrigation.


Water Quality Policy

The Colorado River District`s primary objective with respect to water quality is to protect the ability of the district’s residents to use water beneficially now and in the future.

Upper Colorado River Recovery Program

The Colorado River District supports the Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program and its dual purpose of recovering fish species listed as endangered while allowing historical water use and water development to continue consistent with state law and Colorado’s entitlements under the Colorado River Compacts.

Endangered Species Act

Congress should reauthorize the Endangered Species Act and amend provisions of the Act to provide for better implementation that focuses on species recovery, encourages and rewards constructive and meaningful partnerships with non-federal parties, and respects private property rights including water rights.


Colorado Parks & Wildlife

Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program