Community Funding Partnership – New Funding Opportunity!

Accelerator Grants for Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Investments

CFP Accelerator Grants are designed to help West Slope water users build a competitive application for federal funding opportunities.

The Colorado River District Community Funding Partnership is opening a special funding round to support grant-writing, feasibility, design, preliminary environmental review, benefits analysis, and engineering to support federal funding applications made available through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Grant deliverables must include a timely application to a federal funding opportunity to be submitted by December 31, 2023, and in no cases later than December 31, 2024. Priority will be given to applications targeting a 2023 federal funding round. Examples of targeted federal funding opportunities include the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) WaterSMART programs, Small Storage Program, Aging Infrastructure Account, and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) watershed programs. The Colorado River District will consider supporting up to 85% of funding needs for this limited funding opportunity.

Deadline: Application must be submitted by August 1st, 2022. Funding decisions will be made by September 15th (requests >$50k will be reviewed at the October 18-19 Board Meeting.)

How to Apply: Submit the standard CFP Application, Budget Worksheet, and Accelerator Grant Addendum by August 1st, 2022. Applicants must still provide a letter of support from the Board of County Commissioners in which the project is located prior to the date of award. Click here to access application materials.

What’s Not Covered: Planning and stakeholder engagement efforts including project prioritization, coalition building, and capital development plans.

Accelerator Grant Addendum: [Please address the following questions as a separate word document submitted with your application documents.]

1. Please discuss the federal funding opportunity(ies) that you have identified to support the construction of your project. Include the target date to apply and receive funds, and whether you’ve discussed your project with the federal entity to ensure the project is a good fit. If you have discussed your project with a federal entity, please include the name and contact information.

2. Please discuss future plans and/or needs to secure match-funding for the project.

Federal Funding Opportunities – Helpful Links:

Water Funding Opportunity Navigator
o Water and Energy Efficiency Grants
o Environmental Water Resources Projects
o Cooperative Watershed Management Program
o Applied Science
o Small-Scale Water Efficiency Programs
o Drought Program
USBR Water Conservation Field Services Program
BOR Small Surface and Groundwater Storage Projects

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