“Over recent years, we have adapted to significant reductions in water supplies because, we are without the benefit of enormous reservoirs above us that provide a steady, reliable source of supply even in drought years. Because of this experience, the Upper Division States are uniquely positioned to lead the way in finding long-term sustainable solutions that can work across the entire basin.

– Rebecca Mitchell, Colorado’s Commissioner to the Upper Colorado River Commission, and Phil Weiser, Colorado’s Attorney General, Denver Post Op-Ed, July 8, 2022

Join the Colorado River District on September 16, 2022, at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction to join the conversation on how to bring the Colorado River system back into balance.

The Colorado River Basin is at a crossroads. The river that supports over 40 million people, 5 million acres of agricultural land, 2 countries, 30 sovereign Tribal Nations, 7 states and 11 national parks, has rapidly diminished and been thrust into national headlines by a warming climate and a growing population.

Conserving this precious resource is no longer an abstract ideal. Today, in the 100th year of the 1922 Colorado River Compact, water users across all interests and affiliations are bound together by the fate of the Colorado River and its tributaries.

But what does that mean for West Slope water? How can local, state, and federal action address this crisis? What is already being done? And who is going to take the biggest hit?

2022 seminar keynotes and panels will center around the issues of water shortage, the 2007 Interim Guidelines re-negotiations, as well as a focus on the current innovation and partnerships happening within local West Slope communities as they craft their own solutions.

Keynote speakers and panels will be announced soon!

Virtual attendance available. Livestreaming access only, no audience participation available with this option.

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