Lower Gunnison Project
Grant from the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) 
Working to Improve Agricultural Water Use


 Why the Lower Gunnison Project?

Map of Lower Gunnison Project Areas

By modernizing irrigation water conveyance and delivery systems, agricultural water users will minimize losses, stretch water supplies and increase efficiencies. When combined with enhanced reservoir operations, the Lower Gunnison Project will increase agricultural production, enhance streamflows and increase water quality by reducing salinity and selenium concentrations, thus improving river habitat and soil health.





Project Fact Sheet
Regional Conservation Partnership Program Award Press Release
Seminar Presentation, Dave Kanzer, Deputy Chief Engineer, Colorado River District


Job Announcement for Agricultural Field Technician for No Chico Brush in Olathe, Colorado.  More info. 

Gunnison River Basin website for all things water resource-related in the Gunnison River Basin 

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