What are State of the River Meetings?  

A State of the River Meeting is an opportunity for you to learn more about the West Slope water we all rely on and the Colorado River District is working to protect. Every year, the Colorado River District works with its partners to host educational meetings about water issues in each river basin in the 15-county district.

Local experts present current hydrology and discuss how much water we can expect to see in local rivers, ditches and reservoirs and provide up-to-date information about regional, statewide and local water issues impacting you and your community.

If you’re interested in water as an irrigator, angler, boater or water provider, be sure to attend an upcoming event!

In compliance with current COVID-19 restrictions, the River District will hold live virtual webinars using Zoom and you can join in while eating dinner at home! If you cannot attend the webinar live, register to receive a recording of the webinar in your email inbox to watch later. State of the River webinars are free but registration is required. Links to register are below.

Click here to view presentations and recordings of 2020 State of the River Meetings 

2021 State of the River Meetings



Yampa Valley State of the River

Join the Colorado River District and the Community Agriculture Alliance for the Yampa Valley State of the River to learn more about current issues in the Yampa River Basin, from the Flattops to Dinosaur.  

Understand more about your river, your water, the potential for a call on the river this summer and what the proposed over appropriation designation on the Yampa means for your water use In presentations and discussions at the meeting, speakers will also give information about funding for Yampa River Basin water projects and updates on our water supply as we enter another summer of drought. Attendees will also hear about plans to manage the watershed and keep water flowing in the Yampa in hot, dry years.  

Agenda and presentations:

  • Welcome – Colorado River District and Community Agriculture Alliance 
  • Colorado River District’s Partnership Project Funding Program – Colorado River District Director of Strategic Partnerships Amy Moyer 
  • Water Supply Updates and Drought in the Yampa River Basin – Colorado Assistant State Climatologist Becky Bolinger 
  • Integrated Watershed Planning – Yampa Integrated Water Management Plan Chair Doug Monger 
  • Updates from the Division of Water Resources – Division 6 Engineer Erin Light
  • What would the over-appropriation designation mean for water users? – Colorado River District Senior Water Resources Engineer Hunter Causey 
  • Keeping Water in the River in Dry Years – Colorado River District General Manager Andy Mueller and the Colorado Water Trust Director of Programs Mickey O’Hara  

Join the Colorado River District for the Colorado State of the River, an evening webinar addressing issues across the basin.  

Learn more about how last year’s wicked wildfire season has impacted our water supplies and how to prepare for the impacts of post-fire floods. Get information about water availability amid impending summer drought and find out more about funding available for local water projects.  


Join the Colorado River District for the Gunnison State of the River webinar on Thursday, June 10 at 6 pm! Our experts and special guests will be presenting on river forecasts, landmark accomplishments, project opportunities, and the impacts of and on recreation for the Gunnison.

One of the major tributaries of the Colorado River, your Gunnison River provides the life force for local West Slope communities. Learn more about the river’s hydrology and water supply as we enter another drought year, celebrate a Lower Gunnison victory that’s been years in the making, and hear from David Dragoo, founder of Mayfly, about the West Slope recreation economy and its impacts.

You’ll also receive information on exciting new funding for Gunnison River Basin water projects and plans to sustain flows throughout the basin as conditions shift to hotter, drier seasons.

If you cannot attend the webinar live, register to receive an emailed webinar recording for later viewing!


  • Welcome – Marielle Cowdin & Zane Kessler, Director of Public Relations and Director of Government Relations, Colorado River District
  • Your Gunnison River, a Water Supply Update – Bob Hurford, Division 4 Engineer, Colorado Department of Natural Resources
  • The Lower Gunnison Project: Modernization in Action – Dave “DK” Kanzer, Director of Science and Interstate Matters, Colorado River District
  • A Victory for the Lower Gunnison – Raquel Flinker, Sr. Water Resources Engineer/Project Manager, Colorado River District and Ken Leib, Office Chief of the Colorado Water Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey
  • Rivers on the Fly, Recreation Economy and Impacts – David Dragoo, Founder of Mayfly
  • Community Funding Partnership – Amy Moyer, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Colorado River District

Join the Colorado River District for the White River State of the River webinar on Tuesday, June 15 at 6 p.m.! Our experts and special guests will be presenting on the issues that affect your water supply throughout the White River Basin.

Learn more about the river’s hydrology and water level forecasts as we enter another drought year. Hear updates on management plans to provide water for endangered fish species and learn about current efforts to study the impact of algae blooms in the river.

If you cannot attend the webinar live, register to receive an emailed webinar recording to watch later!


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