The Colorado River District Board of Directors for 2018 From left, sitting: Steve Acquafresca, John Ely, Mike Ritschard, Bill Trampe, Al Vanden Brink, Stan Whinnery, and Tom Gray. From left, standing: Doug Monger, Karn Stiegelmeier, Rebie Hazard, Kathy Chandler-Henry, Tom Alvey, (Board President), Marti Whitmore, Dave Merritt (Board Vice President) and Marc Catlin.

Directors will move forward without membership changes in 2018.

The District serves 15 Western Colorado counties, and each county’s Board of Commissioners appoints one representative to serve on the Colorado River District’s Board for individual terms of three years.

All policies, resolutions, budget actions and other major activities of the River District are approved by the Board.

The five Board members whose terms were set to expire were all reappointed by their respective Boards of County Commissioners. Those five members are Marc Catlin of Montrose County, Dave Merritt of Garfield County, Bill Trampe of Gunnison County, Marti Whitmore of Ouray County and Alden Vanden Brink of Rio Blanco County.

“I am very glad to see all Directors back from those counties” said Board President Tom Alvey of Delta County. The Board unanimously approved the reappointments of their fellow members.

Likewise, the Board unanimously voted to retain their officers, with Alvey serving as President and Dave Merritt serving as Vice President.

By Board bylaws, officers may serve two one-year terms and are then term-limited.

The Board annually reappoints the two key staff members that it hires, the General Manager and General Counsel.

In 2018, the Board formally appointed Andy Mueller as General Manager, to replace Eric Kuhn, who is now on a path to retirement after holding the office since 1996. The Board named Mueller as the “incoming General Manager” last October and he had been working in a transitional role since Dec. 4. 

Peter Fleming was reappointed General Counsel.      

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