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The Colorado River District’s Board of Directors awarded several contracts, all to northwest Colorado contractors, for work this summer at Wolford Mountain Reservoir, which is located about eight miles north of Kremmling in Grand County. 

The Board awarded the largest of its contracts, $452,000, to Moody Constructop on & Sons Inc. of Meeker to restore the height of the Ritschard Dam.

The dam, which is owned by the Colorado River District, has settled roughly 18 inches since its construction 22 years ago in 1996. This contract will restore the originally designed dam crest elevation on and relevel the top of the dam.

Structural engineering support for the dam crest rehabilitation has been contracted to SGM of Glenwood Springs for $30,000.

During rehabilitation on of the dam crest, a materials testing consultant with laboratory capability will be required on site nearly daily.

Construction monitoring and observation will also be required on a near-daily basis.

To provide both of these services, the Board awarded a me and materials contract not to exceed $80,000 to Northwest Colorado Consultants of Steamboat Springs.

Over the past nine years, the River District has installed sophisticated monitoring equipment to measure movement of the dam. Some of that equipment on the reservoir side of the dam will be removed this summer as part of the dam crest rehabilitation.

Additonally, fencing around Wolford Mountain Reservoir and inside the recreation area requires constant maintenance and frequent additions and upgrades.

This fencing work has been and will continue to be provided by Grand Fence of Kremmling. However to address more than customary fencing needs this summer, Grand Fence’s existing  contract will be increased by $20,000.

To accommodate access and construction activities, the District’s proposed operating plan for Wolford Mountain Reservoir for 2018 is to fill the reservoir by June 1, assuming storable inflow is sufficient.

The reservoir will gradually be drawn down beginning July 15 to 20 feet below full pool. The temporary peninsula created near the dam to host the no-longer-required monitoring equipment will be removed by September 1.

Water surface elevation of the reservoir is expected to be roughly 22 feet below full pool by November 1st.

The River District does not anticipate this will adversely impact fishing, full use of the boat ramp, or visitor experience.

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